Partner For Growth

Crete PA is a growing alliance of accounting and professional services firms.

Winning Together

The Crete PA model is designed to augment the power of local brands and culture, with national platform capabilities, to create growth opportunities. With our partnership, if the business wins, we all win.

Our Mission

To empower our firm's leaders and professionals with the tools and network to provide unparalleled excellence in accounting and professional services. Local Culture, National Expertise.

Our Vision

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To be the empowerment engine for employees

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To be the premier partner for accounting firms

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To be the trusted advisor for all our clients

Our Values

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We embrace innovation, adapt to change, and are resilient to challenges!

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Shared Success

We celebrate achievements, support each other, and accomplish great things with teamwork!

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Continuous Improvement

We never stop learning and striving to get better at what we do!